Reminder Support

Support Code

If you experience problems with SharePoint Reminder our Technical Support staff may ask you to enter a Support Code. This code will output information that will aid our staff in resolving the problem.

After you have entered the Support Code into the web part and selected OK or Apply you will see the following on the web part Page.

The information requested is not automatically emailed to us so please don't enter our email address in the "Redirect Email To" field.

  • You should click on the link "Select here to copy the support information into the clipboard...."

  • Then paste into a text editor such as Notepad as save as a text file

  • Attach the text file to an email

It's important that you do this rather than paste the text directly into an email as it will likely become unreadable during transmission

Please feel free to view the information and replace anything sensitive with XXX.


Version Number

The current version number of the web part can be found here. You can check the revision history to ensure you have the latest version of the software.

Don't use Rich Text Editor

The Subject editor normally uses SharePoints Rich Text Editor (RTE). If you prefer to use plain text or have problems with the RTE then you can disable it by clicking here.

Clear state as item leaves view

Reminder keeps track of each Item (aka record or row) in your list so it knows what its already sent an email for - for example if you are using "Send Once" to send only one email per list item or features like "Reset Count when field X changes

When Items are deleted from the list they are also deleted from Reminders internal tracking state

If you have a large list (greater than 10,000 items) then this 'state' information may become very large. In these cases you can opt to use a View such as "Items added in last 30 days" or "Active Tasks" and this option to clear the record from the state information when the Item is no longer in the view - this will save a lot of space

Warning - If you don't use an appropriate view this could cause more emails to be sent then anticipated as the item falls in and out of the view filter parameters. Seek advice from Technical Support if necessary.