FAQ - Support and Maintenance

  • What is your policy for Support?

Technical support is included in the purchase price - we do not charge extra for technical support.

We will, of course, also provide technical support for those evaluating our software.

When emailing Technical Support - support@pentalogic.net - please include as much detail as possible in your email. If it helps please include a screenshot using CTRL + PRINT SCREEN.

  • What is your policy for Maintenance?

Our policy is to make 'Minor' product updates (1.3, 1.4 etc) available free of charge. You can see the version history on the download page.

'Major' updates (v1, v2 etc) will be released every few years or so.

You will need a new License Key for a major upgrade (e.g. v1 keys will not work on v2.x)

  • If you have an active Premium Support and Maintenance contract in place you will be entitled to a free upgrade.

  • If you purchased SharePoint Reminder within 90 days of a new Major version being released you will be entitled to a free upgrade.

Please also signup for our email alerts to ensure that you receive notifications when new versions are available.

  • Do you offer any enhanced support contracts?

Standard support and maintenance for the first year is included in the purchase price.

We also offer Premium Support and Maintenance that includes

  • Guaranteed response times via email and telephone and
  • Free major version (v1 to v2 etc) updates.
  • Free non-production licenses (Development, Test, QA etc)

New customers can purchase premium support during the order process. If you are an existing customer and would like to purchase premium support please contact technical support.

To upgrade your existing installation without losing any existing web part settings :-

  • If you use a SQL Server database take a note of the SharePoint Reminder Services "Log On As" user and ensure you know the password.
  • Install the new version over the old version (there is no need to remove it first)
  • If you are running SharePoint from a SQL Server database or have otherwise set the SharePoint Reminder Service to run under a domain account then please change the service "Log On As" account to what you noted above and restart the service.

Please Note

  • If upgrading from Reminder v1.x to Reminder v2.x (a Major version upgrade) you will need a new License Key, please see "What is your policy for Maintenance" above.
  • From v1.7 Reminder is no longer offered as a free 10 web part community license, Holders of the old free license will not be able to upgrade (we will continue to support existing community license holders) . Charities and non profits wishing to upgrade to a full free license of v1.7 or above, please click here.  Other users wishing to upgrade will need to purchase a commercial license.