Technical Support

We are based in England and work with customers all over the world who operate in different time zones and different languages, so the best way to contact us is by email.

We try really hard to give quick and accurate answers and many customers have told us how exceptional our email support is.

Please include as much detail as possible - including the product, version number, SharePoint version and any screenshots you think may be useful.


Please also consult the FAQ and Troubleshooting sections of the manuals for answers to the most common queries.

Support Packages


Standard Support for one year is included in the purchase price of your software.



Standard support offers

  • Email support
  • Full documentation
  • Services Packs and Patches


Premium Support is available for a small annual charge (please see your purchase pages for details)


Premium support offers

  • Telephone (callback) and Email support with guaranteed 1 working day response time
  • Free Major Version upgrades
  • Free Non-production licenses (Development, Testing, QA, DR, etc.)
  • Full documentation
  • Service packs and patches


Please Note - Support and Maintenance needs to run uninterrupted for full benefits, it can't be renewed after a long gap in order to get free major version updates. Instead you will have to purchase a new license at full cost.