SharePoint - Barriers to End User Adoption and How to Overcome Them

It’s easy to deploy an application like SharePoint within an organization, the hard part is getting people to use it in a way which makes them more productive – this is the core issue addressed by the paper.

It has been demonstrated statistically that whilst use of SharePoint for file sharing at the work group or departmental level is widespread in organizations, deployments where usage of SharePoint is enterprise standard and embedded in core business processes, are far less common.

This paper explores some of the possible reasons for this, and should help organisations to achieve SharePoint deployments which leverage the full power of the application in relation to core business processes.

Our free white paper draws on the experience of more than 50 SharePoint professionals from around the world in identifying and overcoming barriers to end user adoption of SharePoint, and achieving a meaningful and successful deployment.

Topics covered include:

  • Knowledge and Understanding
  • Culture and Inertia
  • Training
  • Roles and Responsibilities
  • User Engagement

The paper looks at achieving an implementation of SharePoint which leverages the full functionality of SharePoint to add value to core business processes.

SharePoint for the Small Business - a viable Option?

SharePoint is Microsoft’s fastest selling server software product ever. New survey data suggests that SharePoint is rapidly becoming endemic within the enterprise. When asked to identify if their organization had or were using SharePoint in a production capacity, 69% of respondents said they had and were still using it (AIIM Report).

But with SharePoint available as part of Small Business server, Foundation and WSS or cloud options, could it also be an option worth considering for the SME?

This paper seeks to take a practical look at what SharePoint has to offer the small business.