PivotPoint web part allows you to create Pivot Charts and Pivot Tables, in SharePoint. It summarises long and complex lists into easily understood charts and tables, providing a live and dynamic interface with your list data, with no need to export to Excel.

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Key Features

Case Study

On-line Security specialists Websense use PivotPoint for their marketing dashboards. Intranet Program Manager Robin Bolton explains why they chose PivotPoint and how they use it.
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Example Uses

Team Workload Monitoring

Keep track of the distribution of work within your team with an interactive dashboard showing tasks by team member and tasks by age and priority.

Sales Pipeline

Use Pivot Point to monitor your sales pipeline. Apply PivotPoint to a sales prospects list in SharePoint to generate a dynamic sales funnel visualization and see the detail of each of your sales teams pipeline in a Pivot Table. Keep up to date with changes in the situation as the chart and table update with each change in the list data.


Which versions of Microsoft SharePoint is Pentalogic Pivot Point compatible with?

SharePoint Server Subscription Edition

SharePoint 2019

SharePoint 2016

SharePoint 2013

SharePoint 2010

Is PivotPoint compatible with SharePoint Online / Office 365

Sorry, no.

How do I use Pentalogic Pivot Point?

Pivot Point is delivered as a SharePoint web part. Once installed on a SharePoint server you add it to a web part page and then configure it to display data from one of your Lists.

Does Pivot Point need any client software of ActiveX/Java Applets installed?


From version 4.1.0 it will render charts using the JavaScript ChartJS library for SharePoint 2013 and above.

Previous versions (and if you are using SharePoint 2007 or 2010 with the IE browser) require Adobe Flash to display the charts.

What languages does Pivot Point support?

Pivot Point supports all of the language packs for SharePoint that have been released by Microsoft, including those languages that use a non-Roman alphabet and require Unicode support, however the Administration interface and error messages are currently only available in in English.

I already use PivotPoint v1, can I upgrade to v2?

Yes you can, and any webparts you already have in place should remain unaffected. Premium Support customers can upgrade free of charge, other customers can claim a 25% discount on the list price. See Upgrading from Version 1 for full details.

I already use PivotPoint v1 or v2, can I upgrade to v3?

Yes you can, and any webparts you already have in place should remain unaffected. Premium Support customers can upgrade free of charge.