Pentalogic SharePoint Webparts

Fast and Flexible SharePoint Filtering

FilterPoint Web Part offers fast and flexible SharePoint filtering for lists, libraries and Web Parts. Set up in seconds, choose from a range of filter styles and apply multiple filters all from one Web Part to quickly and easily dig into your data and find the information you need fast.

Unlock the Secrets in Your SharePoint Lists . . . .

Pentalogic Pivot Point web part for SharePoint provides fast and flexible analysis of the numerical data in your SharePoint lists, with no need to link to Excel. Pivot Point allows you to summarize and analyze the numerical data in your lists, providing an instant snapshot of your key data and dashboard views where you team can see trends emerging as list items are added and updated.

Quick, easy and flexible Graphical planning for SharePoint . . .

Pentalogic Planner web part is for all those times when you need to plan quickly and effectively- without the complexity of a "Project Management" suite. Quick and easy to set up and use Planner offers you attractive and flexible graphical dashboard displays, ideal for all your daily task, resource and simple project planning needs. Planner provides wall chart or gantt chart views of your SharePoint Task and Event list data, which are far more flexible and customizable than SharePoints built in calendar, whilst still being very easy to set up and manage.

Ever wished that SharePoint Alerts worked more like Outlook Reminders . . ?

For people used to setting up Outlook Reminders for their tasks and appointments SharePoints built in Alerts - which simply notify users of changes to lists - can seem very limited. Pentalogic Reminder overcomes those limitations by allowing users to set up time/date based Reminders for tasks and events in SharePoint Lists.


SharePoint Highlighter gives you a whole toolkit to brighten up your SharePoint lists – using color, icons, progress bars countdowns and more to make your lists a whole lot more user friendly – and a whole lot better used! link to the Highlighter home page. Thanks

SharePoint TeamTime

SharePoint TeamTime lets you manage your team's timesheets (or timecards) directly in SharePoint: No external databases or plug-ins required - team members log their time using the user-friendly interface, in a ready-to-use SharePoint site.
Using TeamTime couldn't be easier: Simply run our installer on your server and then create as many sites as you want, with no limits on the number of sites or users.