Team Time

Quick and Easy SharePoint Timesheets!

TeamTime lets you manage your team's timesheets (or timecards) directly in on-premises SharePoint (2010, 2013, 2016, 2019 and SharePoint Server Subscription Edition): No external databases required - team members log their timesheets directly in SharePoint.

Get started in minutes: Simply run our installer on your server and then create as many sites as you want, with no licensing limits on the number of sites or users.

Track time


Fully integrated SharePoint solution

  • No additional installation or setup
  • Integrates into in-house solutions: Extensibility

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Entering time

The My Dashboard page is TeamTime's time tracking hub: Time is logged by either punching in and out using the Punchcard or directly entered into the TimeSheet:

My Dashboard

Managing Time

The most important part of TeamTime is the management side:

  • Team Dashboard: See Timesheets waiting for approval and users currently logging time on the Team Dashboard page (below)
  • Graphical analysis: The Analysis pages display graphs and summaries for the time logged into the system.
  • Reports and Exporting: Granular reports can viewed, printed, and exported to Excel on the Reporting pages.

Team Dashboard


Which versions of Microsoft SharePoint is TeamTime compatible with?

SharePoint Server Subscription Edition

SharePoint 2019 - All versions

SharePoint 2016 - All versions

SharePoint 2013 - Foundation, Server and Enterprise

SharePoint 2010 - Foundation, Server and Enterprise

Is TeamTime compatible with SharePoint Online / Office 365

No, sorry.

Does TeamTime need any client software of ActiveX/Java Applets installed?


Want to know more?

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