SharePoint 2019+ and 'Modern' sites and pages

NOTE - This page applies to our Reminder, Planner, PivotPoint and FilterPoint products for on-premises SharePoint.

With SharePoint 2019 and above, customers have the choice of using Classic sites and pages or Modern sites and pages.

You can mix and match Classic and Modern pages in a Modern site, but Classic web parts can only be used on classic pages and Modern web parts on modern pages.

Some web parts are available in both 'Classic' and 'Modern' versions (though there are differences between each) but some web parts are only available in Classic OR Modern - including our own web parts Reminder, PivotPoint, Planner, FilterPoint and Highlighter which are only available as Classic web parts.

Therefore - If you wish to use our web parts you should create a 'Classic' web part page or wiki page to put them on.

Microsoft - Classic and Modern web part experiences

How do you create a classic web page when you're in a modern site?

If you're in a modern site then clicking + New > Page will create a modern page that you won't be able to put Classic web parts on.

Instead, choose Site Contents > Site Pages

(or depending on how your site is setup you may be able to choose "Pages" on the left hand side or Site Contents and then an alternative document library)

Then choose + New and either "Wiki Page" or "Web Part Page" (which are both 'classic' style pages)

(If you choose Web Part Page you will have to select the relevant document library again)

You can now add your web parts as per normal

If you need further help in this area consult the relevant products manual and quick start.



How do you tell if you're in a modern site or classic site?

Keep in mind that the exact look can change over time and with different themes/layouts and site types so these are only examples.

Modern Site / Pages

When in edit mode there are a small number of controls here but extra controls that appear in context when you hover/click on different areas of the page :-


Classic Site / Pages

On a Classic page you should see the 'ribbon' toolbar when in edit mode :-