Frequently Asked Questions - Licensing

  • Have you changed the licensing?

    Yes, in 2010 - we've tried to simplify it by removing the web part licensing options. More details on our blog.

  • Did you used to have a 'Community Licence'?

    The community license was withdrawn on version 1.7. You are welcome to continue using a community license and you will continue to be supported; but you will not be able to upgrade to version 1.7 or later.

  • What are the options?

    Please see the purchase page for current prices.

    Server License - licensed for unlimited use per web front end (WFE) server.

    3 Server Pack - ideal for typical farms that have multiple WFE's

    Site License - unlimited use, please contact with some details about the size of your SharePoint installation for a quote.

    If you have any questions or need advice then please contact

  • What about Support and Maintenance?

    Please see the Support and Maintenance FAQ.

  • What about non-production licenses?

    Please see Premium Support section in the Support and Maintenance FAQ.

  • How do the licence keys work?

    SharePoint Reminder generates an Installation code that is unique to a Server. This Installation Code can be found on the Information Tab of the Configuration Utility. You enter this Installation Code during the purchase process and we return via email a matching Licence Key that you enter using the Configuration Utility.

  • What information does the Installation Code contain and what is its purpose?

    The installation code is a MD5 hash of the servers NETBIOS name. It is impossible to reconstruct the name from this hash, or obtain any other sensitive or identifiable information from it.  We use it to ensure that a Licence Key is individual to a particular server.

  • Does this mean that if we ever change the server name then we need to buy another licence?

    No, simply email your new server's installation code and a declaration that the old licence is no longer being used and we will return you a new licence code.