Check List Configuration

This section allows you to configure when SharePoint Reminder checks through a list to see if any emails should be sent. You have two main options :

  • Keep checking at a specified interval on certain days of the week
  • Check at a specified time
    • Daily on specified days of the week
    • On Day X of every month
    • The First, Second etc. Weekday of every Month
    • Yearly, on a specified date


You should consider the settings you have configured in the Send When section when you configure this section - otherwise the results may not be useful. For example - if you configure a Reminder for Tasks that are overdue by 3 days or more, but set Check List to be the last Friday of the month then you could get a situation where an email is not sent out until a Task is 20 or more days overdue, not the 3 days you expected. For most applications, checking Daily or every few hours is sufficient.

It is recommended that you carefully consider the frequency that the checks should be performed depending on the rate that the data in your list is updated. Too frequent a check will send out an excessive number of emails, too infrequent a check will not send out timely reminders.

It is common to set this value too low and potentially impact performance. Very few situations require an almost immediate email and a list to be checked once per minute.

The administrator can set a threshold below which a warning message is displayed.
Check Every Warning