Configuration Tool - Server Settings

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Most SharePoint sites run using Integrated Authentication and this setting should rarely need to be changed. You can check this in IIS Manager > (select website and right click) > Properties > Directory Security > Edit > Authenticated Access.

If you are using Basic Authentication on your SharePoint Site you will need to enter the details of the account that should be used here. If you are using a separate SQL Server database then this should normally be the same account that you have set the service to run under as described in Reminder Service Configuraton. Be aware that the username and password are stored in the configuration file (Pentalogic.SharePointReminder.Service12.exe.config) in plain text.

If you choose the wrong authentication setting or enter an invalid username, domain or password then the Reminder Service will receive a 401 Unauthorized error when attempting to access SharePoint.

Remoting Settings

You should only have to manually configure this if you are using a web farm with multiple SharePoint front end web servers - please consult the Web Farm installation instructions.