Common Scenarios - Tasks Due Soon and Overdue

This is probably the most common use of SharePoint Reminder.

The team controls its work by using a SharePoint Task List. Tasks are assigned to a staff member for completion and have a due date.

2 SharePoint Reminder's will be setup, the first to remind the staff member assigned to complete the task when it is due within the next 3 days. The second will warn the staff member and CC the team leader when a task becomes overdue.

Create a new page for the Reminder Web Parts


Add 2 Reminder Web parts to the page


Select the first web part and "Modify Shared Web Part", configure the web part as shown.


Expand the Appearance section and set the Title of the web part for future reference
Set the Watch List to Tasks - Active Tasks

Every Task list has an Active Tasks view. This view doesn't list any Task that has been marked as complete. We chose this view as we don't want to be reminded about Tasks that area already complete.


Set Email To to Assigned To

This will send emails to the person who has been Assigned To complete the Task.

Put in an appropriate Subject and Message for the email.

If your message is large then use the Builder button (...) to open up a separate dialog box to enter your message.


Choose Due Date and Due Within 3 Days

This will send out an email when a Tasks is due within 3 days.


Choose to Always resend the email.

We want SharePoint Reminder to continue to send emails

Choose to check the list At 8:00 am every weekday.
Select the second web part and configure the web part as shown. 

Change the Title to "Tasks Overdue Reminder"

Select the same list - Tasks - Active Tasks

Select Email To - Assigned To

In the Email CC enter Team.Leader

Enter a Subject and Message


Send When Due Date is Overdue by 1 Day

Resend email Always

Check list At 8:00 am every weekday


The web parts show a summary of their configuration


In our example we have the following items in our Task List.

The current date is the Wednesday 1st February, 2006. SharePoint Reminder will run at 8:00 am in the morning and will send the following emails.

  • No emails will be sent for "Budget Proposal..." as its due on the 10th February - plenty of time yet!
  • An email for "Review Supplier Contracts" will be sent to Robert King reminding him that it is due shortly.
  • An email for "Update Procedure Manual" will be sent to Anne Dodsworth and CC'd to Team.Leader - reminding her that the task is overdue (it was due on the 20th January).
  • No email will be sent for "Recruit new Junior..." as its already been completed.