SharePoint Reminder - Troubleshooting

This page lists some common troubleshooting steps - of course if these don't solve the problem please don't hesitate to contact us at -  please provide as much detail as you can and be sure to run the Diagnostics utility.




  • I have setup SharePoint Reminder but am not receiving emails


    Firstly please check the event log for any errors listed in the link above.

    Then check that your SharePoint Server is configured correctly with the Diagnostics utility.

    If this doesn't solve the problem then please contact us at us at providing as much detail as you can.

    If you can receive emails successfully :-

    • Please check the Event Log for Information Events from SharePointReminder similar to the following




    "SharePoint Reminder: Processed Web Part: http://yourserver/yourpage.aspx (1fd3f5ca-b33c-4909-b5c9-a4336a4f5b52) List: Tasks (97c4f95f-89e6-4429-a678-e72f1971b997) Items Checked: 24 Emails Sent: 0 Time Taken: 00:00:03:109"


    This shows that the SharePoint Reminder Service processed the Reminder Web Part you have setup on page "http://yourserver/yourpage.aspx" but didn't find any items in the list that matched the criteria you have setup for sending emails - so please review the configuration of the web part and satisfy yourself that it is setup as you require.