FAQ - How to move a Reminder Web Part to another page

With our Reminder web part we recommend that they are put on a web part page away from users rather than on a visible web part page such as the home page or list view.

 The reason is that once setup you generally don't ever need to edit them again - they just work in the background sending emails as appropriate.

If you've already setup the Reminder web parts somewhere this is how you can move them without having to recreate them. It will also work for all our other web parts - though they can only be moved to another page in the same site

(These instructions are for SharePoint 2010 but 2007 is very similar)

  • For Reminder only, ensure you have a document library setup that doesn't have Versioning Settings > Require documents to be checked out before they are edited set - if not, then create one. You may want to create a new doc library especially for Web Part Pages anyway if you only have a general document library as this will allow you to keep web part pages separate from other documents and apply specific permissions.
  • Go to you're the page with your existing web parts on (the source)
  • Select Site Actions > Edit Page
  • Select the web part menu (top right of the web part) and Export
  • Save the .dwp file somewhere safe.
  • These .dwp files are the configuration of a web part. You can open them in a text editor such as Notepad to examine them. They are not the whole program though, just as a MS Word .doc file is a document and not a copy of Word, the program used to edit them.
  • Next - delete the web part from the source page. As we're going to put it in a new place we don't want two copies of the web part around otherwise we will get duplicate alerts.
  • Go to the web part page that you want to move the web part to (the destination) or create a new one.
  • Site Actions > Edit Page
  • Click Add a Web Part
  • Click Upload a Web Part then Browse and select the .dwp file you saved above - then click Upload.
  • Annoyingly the add web page dialog now vanishes! But don't fear, click Add a web part again and choose the Imported Web Parts category, select Reminder and click Add.
  • Now click the Reminder web part menu (top right remember), select Edit Web Part and then OK on the bottom of the toolpart to the right - this just ensures that your changes have been saved and notified to the Reminder Service.

You're done, but how about adding a Content Editor Web Part (CEWP) to the page and putting in some notes about what this Reminder web part is doing and who for etc - then when you're asked to take a look at this particular web part again in a years time you can remember what its for!