SharePoint Reminder - Troubleshooting - Local Loopback

The most common cause of problems getting SharePoint Reminder to run is if the Local Loopback Check has not been correctly configured.

This will cause problems for Reminder and may cause problems for SharePoint as well

In Reminder you will get errors in the Windows Event Log like this:-

Access Denied - HTTP Status 401, Unauthorized accessing


using Integrated authentication, user account NT AUTHORITY\SYSTEM.

Please consult the manual for troubleshooting tips.
401 Unauthorized Error

If you log onto the Web Front End (WFE) where Reminder is running and try to browse to your SharePoint site you will also be asked for your username/password 3 times before getting a 401 error "Access Denied" error.

Follow the steps listed in this article to correctly configure the local loopback check - KB 896861;en-us;896861

If you can browse your SharePoint site from the WFE server the caues of your 401 error is likely to be something other than the Local Loopback check - consult the 401 Troubleshooting guide