FilterPoint Manual - Filter Style

This part of the FilterPoint configuration lets you configure what type of filter to use

Choose your filter style :-


  • Free Text - allows users to type in the exact text of the thing they are looking for. (For wildcard like searches see the FAQ)
  • Drop Down - a drop down list
  • Radio Buttons - suitable for limited options eg. YES/NO
  • Checkboxes - allows multiple choices
  • Drop Down - a drop down list
  • Date - select a date with a calendar popup
  • Date Range - select a date range
  • People Picker - select people or groups


You can also set :-

  • Allow Multiple Choices - let the user select multiple filters (NB multiple choices only work with 3rd party web parts, not out of the box lists)
  • Allow (All) Filter - show everything (not selectable with some styles)
  • Allow (Empty) Filter - show only items with empty fields
  • Automatically Update - to apply any changes as soon as the user selects a value, no need to press the filter button.
  • Start new Row/Column (not shown here) - if you have multiple filters they will all be displayed in a row. If you select this option then a new Row will be started after that particular filter so you can split the controls over multiple rows.