FilterPoint Manual - Additional Features - Remember last filter

The Remember last filter selection option will save a users last chosen filter for the next time they visit the page.

By default it will attempt to Share saved filters between all FilterPoint web parts - so for example if a user chooses a particular customer on one page of your site and then visits another page that also has a FilterPoint web part setup for Customer, it will apply the same filter.

For this to work correctly the Fields have to have the same name and applicable values.


Additional Features - Save Filter Values



The filter choices are saved in Browser Cookies - so for this feature to work correctly :-

  • The user must have cookies enabled in their browser
  • Your network infrastructure must allow cookies and not automatically clear them
  • Cookies will only be saved for 30 days from the last visit
  • Most browser limit the number of cookies that can be stored, if this is exceeded then the oldest ones will be removed first. For most browsers there is a limit of 300 cookies in total & 20 cookies from one particular site, this means that if you are NOT using the "Share between" option and have more than 20 filter web parts setup then only the most frequently used ones will be saved.


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