FilterPoint - Revision History

20-Sept-2023 Correct problem using installer post Sept 23 CU
27-Mar-2023 Correct problem using installer post Feb 23 CU
22-Jul-2022 SharePoint Server Subscription Edition Compatible. 4.0.0
17-Dec-2020 Correct a problem installing on SharePoint 2016 post July CU. 3.0.1
27-Nov-2018 SharePoint 2019 Compatible
You will need a new License Key for version 3.x which is free of charnge if you have an active Premium Support agreement
5-May-2016 SharePoint 2016 Compatible
You will need a new License Key for version 2.x which is free of charnge if you have an active Premium Support agreement
1-March-2016 Correction to an error that stopped [Me] default value working with dropdown lists 1.4.1
20-Jul-2015 Add some missing Date Range options
Correct problem showing Web Part Gallery icon in SharePoint 2013
17-Feb-2015 Correct error which stopped filers applied directly in List View Web Part working during pagination if FilterPoint present on same page 1.3.8
25-Apr-2014 Update to latest version of License Manager and ensure 2013 Health Analyzer doesn't report outdated version 1.3.7
18-Feb-2014 Work around a bug in SharePoint that causes Filters to 'stick' when using paging on the List View Web Part (LVWP) 1.3.6
16-Dec-2013 Added the ability to set default values for Date Ranges.
Added a feature to take Filter Values from multiple lists.
15-Nov-2013 Don't show the Server Render warning if running in SharePoint 2013's '14 mode' 1.3.4
17-July-2013 Configurable Date Range and Reset Filter button and compatible with IE10 1.3.3
22-Jan-2013 SharePoint 2013 Compatible version 1.3.2
30-Mar-2012 Ensure that starter pack user counts treat login names case insensitively 1.2.3
8-Dec-2011 Added Date Range filtering option. 1.2.2
18-Nov-2011 Ability to set default empty filters for dropdown filters
Checkbox settings now save more reliably.
26-Sep-2011 Allow use of Browse button on filter control. 1.1.6
31-Aug-2011 Warning if attempting to apply a filter containing an ampersand. 1.1.5
25-Feb-2011 Correction to an error that stopped the first postback working unless using saved or default values. 1.1.3
21-Feb-2011 New Remember last filter value feature, send multiple filters to LVWP when using multi-choice fields, horizontal and vertical orientation & improved handling of errors if a list, view or field that FilterPoint is using is later deleted. 1.1.2
5-Jan-2011 Initial version 1.1.0
Nov-2010 Beta version 1.0.x


Upgrading an Existing Installation

To upgrade to a later Minor version (e.g. 1.1 to 1.2) without losing any existing settings simply install the latest version - there is no need to remove the old version first and your old License Key and settings will be kept.

To upgrade a Major version (e.g. v1.4 to v2.0) you can also install the latest version 'over the top' but you will need new License Key - this is free of charge if you have an active Premium Support agreement, otherwise you will need to purchase a new license.