FilterPoint Manual - Field Name

This part of the FilterPoint configuration lets you specify the Field Name that will be sent with the filter.

When FilterPoint sends a filter the Field Name must match up with what the filter consumer web part is expecting.

Automatically from the List

The default option is Automatically from List in most cases if you are getting the filter values from a list this will be the one you want.

From the connected web part

From Connected Web part may be useful if you're not using a list or where you have named your web part fields something slightly different to your list fields. You will see a drop down list of options to choose from.


Some 3rd party web parts may not send through field names for you to choose from, in this case you can enter the field name Manually.

Remember - the field name passed as part of the filter has to match what the receiving web part is expecting - otherwise you are likely to see no records and an error "One or more field types are not installed properly. Go to the list settings page to delete these fields."

This is all the configuration required, you can add an extra filter to the page by selecting new at the top of the toolpane or click OK or Apply to see your changes.

For more advanced options continue onto setting the Field Type and Default Value