FilterPoint - Quick Start Guide

Install the Web Part


Add the web part to the page containing the lists or web parts you want to filter

Site Actions > Edit Page > Add a Web Part > Categories > > FilterPoint > Add

Add a web part

Connect FilterPoint to the Filter Consumer web part that you are filtering (i.e. your list)

Select the Edit Web Part menu > Connections > Provide Filter To

Tip - If you don't see the Connections menu click Edit Web Part first

Add a Filter

Click the link to open the configuration tool panel, add a New Filter and give it a Label.

Select your Filter Style such as Drop Down or Radio Buttons

FilterPoint - filter style


Choose where to get the Filter Values from.

In most cases this will be the List you are Filtering and a field in that list such as Status or Priority.

Save your Changes

Click OK at the bottom of the toolpart and if you are are using SharePoint 2010 "Save and Close" or "Stop Editing"

Use it!


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