FilterPoint Manual - Get the Filter Values

This part of the FilterPoint configuration allows you to specify the list of possible filter values.

From a list

Usually you would get your values from a list. In which case you just select the list, view (optional) and field where your values will be found.

The Show All Choices checkbox would allow you to filter on "empty" values. It will show a value in your filter choices even though there is currently nothing to match it in the list. So for example a user could filter on "overdue" invoices and would see that there are currently none. If you don't check a user would see no "overdue" option on their filter choices.

In FilterPoint v1.3.5+ you can take values from Multiple Lists.

Type them in

If for example you only want to give users the option of filtering on a limited set of possible values. You must type values exactly as they appear in your list.


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