Allow Values From Multiple Lists

In the Support toolpart there is an option to Allow Values From Multiple Lists.

Tip - After changing this option you must click Apply to see the changes in the List Value section of the toolpart.

This allows you to take Filter Values from multiple lists, rather than one.

There are very few circumstances where this can be used and its easy to mis-configure this option so you should only use if necessary.

It could be useful if, for example,

  • You have two lists - Task List A and Task List B.
  • You want to display both task lists on the same page and have FilterPoint providing a drop down showing the Assigned To people from both lists.
  • When you select someone from that drop down it will filter both lists.
  • (You could use a People Picker but in this case we only want to see the people present in either task list).

If you take the Filter Values (all those people in the Assigned To column) from just one of the Task lists then if a person is in Task List B but not Task List A then they won't appear.

This feature allows you to populate the drop down from the Assigned To column of both Task List A and Task List B.

How to use

  • Open the Support configuration toolpart and check "Allow values from multiple lists" - then you must click Apply.
  • Create a filter as normal - in the Get the Filter Values section click Add new list
  • Choose a list, optionally a view and a field. You must select OK to save your changes.
  • To add an extra list click Add new list again.
  • To edit an existing List click the edit icon to the right.

Note - this option was added in version 1.3.5.