FilterPoint - Configuration

First, you must add FilterPoint to a page and connect it to one or more Filter Consumer web parts you can then configure your filters.

If you want to apply your filter(s) to additional web parts, lists and libraries on the page, just go back to the web part connections tab and select the items you want.  N.B. The fields you are filtering on will need to exist, and have the same name, in all the web parts, lists and libraries you are filtering on.

Either click the link to launch the tool panel or the web part menu and Edit Web Part

First, click the New button and type in a label for the filter you want for your filter.

From here you can configure the rest of the filter settings :-

This is all the configuration needed, you can also optionally set :-

If you want to set up more filters, simply to back to the top of the panel, hit New and repeat the process - as often as you like.

To edit an existing filter select the name in the drop down list.

The following sections apply to all filters in the web part