FilterPoint Manual - Filter Style - People Picker

The People Picker filter style allows users to select a person or group.

(You don't have to use the people picker - you can still use the other Filter Styles with User and Group fields if you prefer)

Users and Groups can be identified by several different attributes and you must select the one that matchs the list or web part you are filtering.


  • Name - e.g. "Fred Bloggs"
  • Account - e.g. "DOMAIN\bloggs"
  • ID - e.g. 99 (not often used)
  • Email - e.g.

If you are unsure which attribute your list is using you can check the list settings - for example this screenshot shows the "Assigned To" column of a Task list is showing Name by default.

In addition to the normal options, when using the People Picker style you also have the option to

Allow Groups

Allow Groups allows the user to select a group such as "Team Site Member"

Note - this should only be used if the list is defined as Allow selection of : People and Groups (see screenshot above) as it will only find items that have been assigned to the group, not items assigned to a member of the group.

For example :-

  • Fred Blogs is a member of the "Management" group.
  • Task A is assigned to Fred
  • Task B is assigned to the Management group.

Filtering by the Management group will only show task B - it will not show Task A even though Fred is a member of that group.

Default Value

You can set the Default Value to the current user using the [Me] format.


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