FilterPoint Manual - Support toolpart

This part of the FilterPoint configuration lets you specify additional options that can help with troubleshooting.

Show Applied Filters

To aid in troubleshooting this option will show you a list of the Filters (both names and values) passed to any connected filter consumer web parts.

In this screenshot the following fitlers are being passed through

  • The filter labelled Priority is passing the value (1) High through to the Title column - this is likely a mistake.
  • The filter labelled Assigned To is passing the value "Fred Flintstone" through to the Assigned To column.


Allow Values from Multiple Lists

This option is new in version 1.3.5 and isn't shown in the screenshot above - see Allow Values from Multiple Lists for more information.

Max Filter Choices

When you setup FilterPoint to display a drop down, checkbox or radio list of all the unique values in a field you may end up with an extremely large number of options if you inadvertently select a field like the ID field or a title option.

To guard against such a setup slowing the page loading speed too much FilterPoint imposes a limit of 50 options - though this can be raised if required.

Support Code

If you experience problems with FilterPoint our Technical Support staff may ask you to enter a Support Code. This code will output information that will aid our staff in resolving the problem.

After you have entered the Support Code into the web part and selected OK or Apply you will see the following on the web part Page.

You should click on the link "Select here to copy the support information into the clipboard...."

Then paste into a text editor such as Notepad as save as a text file then attach the text file to an email and send it to us.

It's important that you do this rather than paste the text directly into an email as it will likely become unreadable during transmission

Please feel free to view the information and replace anything sensitive with XXX.


This allows you to see the version of FilterPoint installed.