FilterPoint Manual - Filter Style - (All) and (Empty) Filters

Whats the difference between an (All) and and (Empty) filter?

  • (All) means return all the records, don't apply a filter
  • (Empty) means return only those records that don't have an entry for the field (e.g. all those tasks that have not yet had a person entered into the "Assigned To" field.


Different Filter Styles display the (All) and (Empty) options differently.


Allow (All) filter :-

  • Free Text, Checkbox, Date and People Pickers always allow (All) filters - just remove any value from the filter box and this is equivalent to (All)
  • Drop Down and Radio Buttons add an (All) choice.

Allow (Empty) filter :-

  • Drop Down, Radio Buttons and Checkboxes add an (Empty) choice.
  • Free Text, Date and People Pickers add an (Empty) checkbox below the filter.

Default Values

If you want the filter to default to (All) or (Empty) on the page load you can set this in the Default Value.



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