Send Email Configuration

This section allows you to configure how many Reminder Emails should be sent out for each record in your list.

For example you may wish to send 3 email reminders for an overdue task.

You also have to option to reset this count if a field changes, for example :-

  • You may send one email reminder for tasks due in the next few days to the person who is Assigned to it.
  • If you change the Assigned To person then you would want a new email to be sent, as the new Assignee may not yet know about the task.

Note - If you change the value of whatever Date Field you have chosen for the Send When field then the count is always reset, you don't have to also set the same field as the Reset Field.

For example :-

  • You setup Reminders for overdue tasks, set 'Resend Email' to 3 Times and Check List to  8am Every Day.
  • One of your tasks becomes overdue so for the next 3 days an email is sent in the morning.
  • If you later change the 'Due Date' of your task to a future date (which may be weeks in the future) then another 3 emails will be sent if it becomes overdue again.

Tip - You can set this to Resend Email 0 Times to temporarily disable a Reminder Web Part.

You can choose how many emails are sent for each record in your list