FAQ - Create a New Page

We are going to create a new Web Part Page to put our SharePoint Reminder web parts in. We recommend that a page is created to hold any SharePoint Reminder web parts you wish to setup for your site. You don't need to make this page easily available, for example by linking to it from the 'Quick Launch' bar as once the configuration is complete you will not need to revisit the page.

The steps shown here are for Window SharePoint Services although SharePoint Portal Server is similar.

Note - If you can't complete this operation you may have to see your SharePoint Administrator to get the appropriate security permissions.

  • Select Create from the menu bar
  • Under Web Pages select "Web Part Page"
  • Enter a suitable name and choose a page layout. Unless you are planning to put other items on the page then the layout is not that important.
  • You new page is now stored in the "Shared Documents" document library on the SharePoint Site.
  • Depending on your site, you may have the choice of several document libraries. You can access them all from "Documents and Lists".
  • Remember you can save the hyperlinks to pages you use often in the Links web part.