Expand Recurring Events

If your SharePoint list is based on the Calendar list type then you can use Recurring Events (e.g. repeat every Monday, 9am to 11am).

These recurring events are represented in SharePoint by one record (see the "All Events" view) which means, for example, that if you setup a Reminder web part to alert you to upcoming meetings it will only send out an email for the first occurrence.

When you choose a list that supports Recurring Events you can choose Expand Recurrences to set the Reminder web part to send out alerts for each instance.

Expand recurrences


It is possible to setup recurring events with a large number of instances e.g. an event for a report due every Friday at 5pm which was created in 2007 and with no end date will contain an unlimited number of future instances and over 100 previous instances.

If you setup a reminder web part to send emails when they are overdue you would immediately get ~100 emails for the overdue events going back to 2007. For this reason the options Always, and Overdue by X or more are disabled when using Expand Recurrences.