FAQ - Options for Selecting Email Addresses

There are several different ways to choose who receives a reminder email. You are not just restricted to one method, you can combine some of these different methods to meet your requirements.

You can type a valid email address into the web part directly.

You can enter multiple email addresses (separated with a ;)


If you have a large number of email addresses to enter you open a separate builder window by clicking on the button "..." that appears next to the textbox.

You can also select any field in the list that has been defined as a Lookup field and references "User Information" (i.e. SharePoints user database)

This includes the Created By, Modified By and for Task and Issues lists the Assigned To fields.

If you select the Show all Fields checkbox then you will be able to choose any text field or Lookup field.

This means that you could enter an email address (or multiple addresses separated by a ;) into a text field in the record and if that record triggers an email then it will be sent to that address.

This could be useful, for example, if the person who you want to receive an email does not have a user account in your SharePoint site so you can't use a "User Information" lookup as described above.

Note - it is important to choose a field that has valid email addresses in it, for example the Title field is unlikely to contain email addresses.

Tip - You can also use DOMAIN\UserName if the user in question has an account in SharePoints user database - SharePoint Reminder will lookup the email address based on the username.


You can also select a lookup field that references another list. For example you can reference your Contacts list. If you choose a Lookup  you will be asked to select which field in the lookup table contains a valid email address (or addresses).

There are two common uses for this technique :-

1) Reference a list such as the Contacts list where you want to assign and notify someone who may not be in the SharePoint user database such as a contact outside your organisation.

2) Setting up distribution lists. You can create a custom list that contains email distribution lists such as "Management Team", "Team Leaders" etc and choose one of the distribution lists. In this way if you would only have one record to modify if the distribution lists change.

You can enter the name of a field that contains an email address or addresses using the syntax "[Field Name]". This is usefull if you want to email the addresses over more than one field in your list, as shown.

  If you use this method to reference a lookup field then you must ensure that the display column contains email addresses - as shown below for the contacts list.