Revision History


Improved startup performance for very large sites.
Correct problem installing on SPSSE post Sept 2022 CU


SharePoint Server Subscription Edition compatible.


Correct a problem installing on SharePoint 2016 post July CU.


Increased timeout when processing web parts running over large lists.


Diagnostics tool correctly checks outgoing email when TLS enabled


SharePoint 2019 Compatible

You will need a new License Key for version 3.x which is free of charge if you have an active Premium Support agreement.

Support for TLS secured SMTP connections (2016+) and authenticated SMTP connections (2019+)


Correct an error that occurred in certain web part configurations that would close the SPWeb object before operations had been completed, leading to a warning in the ULS logs


Correct an error that could incorrectly prefix absolute URL's when merging Note (rich text) fields into the message on SharePoint 2013 and 2016


SharePoint 2016 Compatible

You will need a new License Key for version 2.x which is free of charge if you have an active Premium Support agreement.

Correction to an error that stopped the Email All Users in a List feature working in some circumstances (When field internal name different to display name).
Ensure that List/View field selections (and dependant options) are preserved when editing if web part saved as part of a site template.

19-May-15 Correction to an error that stopped the Email All Users in a List feature working in some circumstances. 1.9.7
24-Oct-14 Make Email, Subject and Message pop-ups compatible with Chrome v37 (which removed openModalDialog)
Improved compatibility with custom master pages or similar that use jQuery/jQueryUI
Reduced storage requirements for state data to support large lists
Web Part processing timeout is now configurable
Correction to an error when using List or View names with angle brackets
Warning - once you install this version you can't rollback to a previous version.
15-Aug-14 Separated testing and support toolparts and added advanced options for very large lists
Add links from configuration toolpart to online manual.
4-Aug-14 Doesn't add permissions for NETWORK\System account if running under a domain account 1.9.4
22-April-14 Support for Off Box SSL Termination (aka SSL Offloading) with Host Named Site Collections (HNSC) 1.9.2
19-July-13 Correction to an error that caused View filters to not take effect when using Daily recurring events. 1.9.1
17-May-13 Performance improvements when using large sites and/or a large number of Reminder Web Parts
Improvements to the Diagnostics tool
9-May-13 Corrected error when using Reminder on sub site-collections of Host Named Site Collections (HNSC) 1.8.2
07-Mar-13 SharePoint 2013 Compatible 1.8.0
12-Nov-12 Correction to error when using Approved/Rejected/Pending flags on WSS 3.0 1.7.17
18-May-12 Add ability to send Alerts when documents have been left checked out for a period of time. 1.7.16
1-Mar-12 Correct handle AAM with multiple default zone mappings 1.7.15
7-Oct-11 Improved performance on startup 1.7.14
18-Aug-11 Configurable timeout & correction to an error when using a lookup list without a Title column 1.7.13
28-Jun-11 Corrected error using "Reset Email Count" with "append notes" field type.
Ignore errors received from sites with invalid configuration/content databases.
22-Jun-11 Correction to an error that could occur with very large user lists 1.7.11
25-May-11 Reminder Service has improved resilience to intermittent processing errors. 1.7.10
17-Jan-11 Support for host header site collections.
Stop RTE formatting inside field references
Correction to error when sending to SMTP email addresses on multiple lines in a rich text field.
3-Jun-10 Correction to error that stopped web parts being found in some circumstances on MOSS 2007 & SharePoint Server 2010
Toolpart tip when using Task or Issue lists re: completed tasks.
Accepts web part updates from non-default AAM
28-Apr-10 SharePoint 2010 compatible
Correction to error in the Rich Text Editor when merging data from field names with spaces into a URL
Correction to an error that stopped you setting the days of the week with the Daily Check List option on IE6 & 7
12-Apr-10 New Don't email last Modifier feature
Correction to error using lookup lists in some circumstances
23-Mar-10 Correctly filters out instances of a recurring event pattern when using a View filter
Allow use of Version field on version enabled lists
7-Feb-10 Correction to error in email hyperlink when using 'All Day' events 1.7.3

Rich Text Editing & Diagnostics tool to assist in setup and troubleshooting.
Date & Time Calculated fields merged into emails include time, Person/Group lookup fields merged into emails have correct URL when web part is in a non top-level site collection. Correctly encodes email headers containing extended characters. Retains 'watch list' setting when web part stored in a template.

Community Licenses are no longer offered, please see 'upgrade' text below.



Correction to a "System.FormatException: The specified string is not in the form required for an e-mail address" error that could occur when sending to all users in a site and group



Correction to an error that occurred when using Expand Recurrences with custom list sorting that causes an event exception (a deletion or modification to an instance of a recurring event) to appear before the parent event.



Supports SharePoint event list recurring events.
Reset the count of emails sent if a field changes.
Text size for multi person or group look fields are consistent with rest of email.



Correction to error using Due Today setting if site and server time zones are ahead of UTC/GMT.
Ignores empty calculated date columns.



Enable Site Columns that use lookup lists from a top level site
Ensure links embedded in a rich text field are sent as absolute not relative links in the email.



Automatically add full permission for NT Authority\System
Due Today feature
Email all users in a group feature
Corrected error if user doesn't have permission for list and browses to a page containing a web part configured to watch that list



Installer compatible with Windows Server 2008
Ability to work with Forms Library lists



Correction to error that required Contributor permission when viewing web part
Correction to intermittent registry access permission problem



Improved Performance
New feature to set Reply To addresses
Works with document libraries that enforce checkout
Warnings for low check every time
Improved Logging
Accepts new top level domains in email validation
Accepts field names with apostrophes
Work around error in SharePoint that causes the Modified and Created date to be returned incorrectly for events flagged as 'All Day Events'



Corrected an error that would add multiple messages into the event log during the once per day 'crawl' to find Reminder web parts
Error in processWebPartNode (URL:XXX) System.NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object.



Added the ability to turn off the hyperlinks in an email
Corrected error working with some Microsoft Application Templates



Correction for "System.FormatException: The specified string is not in the form required for an e-mail address" error



Correction for errors
   - When sending emails to a user who has
      never visited the site
   - If URL contains apostrophes
   - If using a discussion list
   - If using a content approval enabled list in WSSv3



Separate installs for WSSv2/SPS 2003 and WSSv3/MOSS 2007

Correction for error when running under x64 bit O.S.



Correction for error when running under Turkish Locale



WSSv2 (SharePoint 2003) and WSSv3 (SharePoint 2007) compatible.
Send email to address in Drop Down and Radio Button multi choice columns.
Work with Meeting Workspaces.
Correction for error that caused an invalid hyperlink in the email that is sent out from a newly created web part.
Correction for "System.FormatException : GUID" error that could occur in some circumstances.



Ability to work with Content Approval enabled lists.
Extra options to choose items that are due or overdue between a certain time period.
Ability to BCC recipients.
Ability to email all users in a particular list.
Support for Multi-Choice fields.
Correction for error when working with HTTPS sites and non-default ports.
Correction for error working with documents library subfolders.



Support for running under v2 of the .NET Framework.
Correction to error picking up Modified/Created date from Document Libraries.
Correction to error picking up the correct View from a site template.



Support for Lookup Fields and email addresses in text columns.
Extra options to test email configuration and improved logging (reduced number of warning messages).
Correction for List Not Found, missing Views and regional settings errors.



Improved performance.
Support for Calculated Columns, Site Templates, Basic Authentication and HTTPS.
Correction for SoapServerException, Web Part Directory and UnauthorizedAccessException errors.



Improved error messages reported when working with SQL Databases


7-May-06 Corrected error with CC field and installation with non English regional settings 1.0.1
15-Apr-06 First Release 1.0.0

Upgrading an existing installation

To upgrade your existing installation without losing any existing web part settings :-

  • If you use a SQL Server database take a note of the SharePoint Reminder Services "Log On As" user and ensure you know the password.
  • Install the new version over the old version (there is no need to remove it first)
  • If you are running SharePoint from a SQL Server database or have otherwise set the SharePoint Reminder Service to run under a domain account then please change the service "Log On As" account to what you noted above and restart the service.

To upgrade from version 1.x to 2.x you will also need a new License Key - this is free of charge if you have an active Premium Support agreement, otherwise you will need to purchase a new license.

Please Note - From v1.7 Reminder is no longer offered as a free 10 web part community license. Holders of the old free license will not be able to upgrade to later versions. Users wishing to upgrade will need to purchase a commercial license.