FAQ - Add a Reminder Web Part to a Page

After you have created a new page to hold the Reminder Web Parts you need to add one to the page.

Note - If you can't complete this operation you may have to see your SharePoint Administrator to get the appropriate security permissions.

Select Modify Shared Page > Add Web Parts > Browse

The SharePoint Reminder web part has probably been put into the Virtual Server Gallery by your administrator.

If you can't find it here you may have to use the Team Web Site Gallery or import a DWP that will be provided to you.


Once you have selected the appropriate web part you can choose the area to add it to using the drop down box and select Add or drag the web part over to the area of the page you want to add it to.  


Click the Web Part Menu (down arrow on the toolbar) and then Modify Shared Web Part to configure the Reminder web part.