Configuration Tool - Licensing

This tab of the configuration tool displays the Installation Code. This code is unique to the server that SharePoint Reminder is running on. If you purchase licences for SharePoint Reminder you will need to supply this Installation Code.

If you wish to order the software but don't yet know the Installation Code (for example if you are going to install it onto a production server later) - you can enter anything into the online order form and get a Licence Key by emailing

See the Licensing FAQ for more information on Licensing.

Configuration Tool screenshot


Unique Users

The Starter Pack (now discontinued) is only valid for small single web server installations with less that 25 unique users. A count of the number of users is displayed on the licensing tab and the View button next to it opens up a tree view displaying all users found.

Unique Users

All SharePoint Web Applications are listed first in the tree - with their site collections and user accounts.

Next the Unique Users are listed and all the Site Collections that they have an account for.

Double clicking on a site under the Web Applications will open the SharePoint user list for that site. (From v 1.7.15+)

Double clicking on a user in the Web Applications nodes will show which other site collections their account is in use in. Double clicking on a site under the Unique Users node will show the other accounts in use on that site.

If you wish to remove an old account then you have to remove it from each site collection that its in use for and either click Directory Refresh in the configuration tool or restart the SharePoint Reminder Service.