Choosing a list to Watch

This section of the toolpart allows you to choose a List and optionally View that the Reminder Web Part should 'watch'.

This example shows the 'Tasks' list has 3 views, All Tasks, Due Today and Active Tasks .

Using SharePoint Views allow you to filter the items that the Reminder Web Part sends out emails for. For example, you wouldn't want to send out emails warning of 'overdue' tasks if these had already been completed, or perhaps you only want to send out emails for High Priority tasks.

The Reminder Web Part can only use Public, Standard views and can't use Private, Calendar, Datasheet, Gantt views or "Standard View, with expanded Recurring Events"

If you want to use recurring events use a Standard View and the Expand Recurrences feature.

More information on SharePoint views and how to create them can be found here.



If you select a list that requires Content Approval you can select which approval states the Reminder Web Part will work with.

In this example the web part will only send out emails for items that are 'Pending' content approval.

NOTE - If your list supports recurring events then you can choose the Expand Recurrences option