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SharePoint Reminder is an add on to Microsoft SharePoint (2007, 2010, 2013, 2016, 2019 and Subscription Edition).

(For Office 365 / SharePoint Online, please see Reminder's sister product: Reminder 365)

It enables SharePoint to remind you of Important Dates, Overdue Tasks and Unresolved Issues through Email.

SharePoint Reminder constantly monitors your list data and applies user defined rules for sending out customisable email alerts.

SharePoint has the built in Alert Me feature but this is limited to sending out emails when data in your list is changed by users - for example if a Task is assigned to you to complete.

SharePoint Reminder will add the ability to send out emails on certain date based events - for example it could constantly monitor a Task list and send out a 'This Task is Due Soon' email when the Due Date is less than 3 days away. It could also send out another email if a task becomes overdue.

Its applicable to a variety of common SharePoint scenarios such as :-

Task Management

  Send reminder emails when Tasks are approaching their due date - then another once they are overdue.

Helpdesk Management

  Escalate an issue if it hasn't been resolved within a certain time of being logged.

Enhanced Alerts

  Gain more control over email alerts including who gets them, under what circumstances and the text of the email.

Simple Workflow

  Use SharePoint Reminder to drive simple workflow by sending emails when a task is ready for the next stage in a business process.

Equipment calibration and testing

  Help manage the regular calibration and testing of equipment while keeping an audit log for compliance purposes.


  SharePoints built in Alert Me feature has several limitations. It can't (out of the box) be setup to alert all users, or all email addresses in a particular list or include fields from your list. In this example we are going to use SharePoint Reminder to send out an email alert to everyone in our Contacts list when a new announcement is made.

Document Management

  Send a reminder email to a document author once its past its review or archive date.

Event Lists

  Remind people of important upcoming events or meetings.