TeamTime - Overview Site

This guide will tell you a little about the Overview site, and how to get started with it:

What is the Overview site?

The Overview site pulls data from all your other TeamTime sites (in the same site collection) into a single place. From there, you can view reports and analysis on the full data set:


The Overview site allows you to do the following with the consolidated data:

  • View graphs and perform granular Analysis
  • Produce Reports, and export them to Excel
  • Directly access the SharePoint lists, allowing you to export the raw data

Being able to consolidate all the timesheet information in a site collection into a single place becomes increasingly useful as the adoption of TeamTime grows within your organisation.

Each TeamTime site should contain around 10-50 users, with a maximum of 100. There is no limit to the number of TeamTime sites you can have. Keeping the individual sites quite small has these benefits:

  • Different teams aren't tripping over each other's tasks
  • Approvers are more likely to know more about how the team is spending its time
  • Each team can have its own settings (such as self-approval)
Read more about capacity guidance and organising your TeamTime sites here.

Getting started with the Overview site

To get started with the Overview site, follow these steps:

1. Create a new Overview site:


2013 & 2016

  • At the top left of the screen, click Site Actions and select New Site:
  • From the template selection popup, choose TeamTime Overview:
  • Enter a site name and URL, and click Create.
  • At the bottom left of the quickstart menu click Site Contents and then new subsite under Subsites
  • On the New SharePoint Site page, click the Pentalogic tab, and select TeamTime Overview:
  • Enter a site name and URL, and click Create.

2. Update the data:

From the Administration section of the menu select Update Data

On the Update Data page, click Find on the middle section (the Team Site List) to search your site collection for TeamTime sites

Any sites found will be listed here, along with the option to deactivate or rename them. More information can be found here: Team Site List

The top section on this page is the Update web part. From here, choose the date range to retrieve (only week or months that start in the range will be included), and click Update

3. View the data:

The Analysis and Reports are almost exactly the same as those in the main site. Additionally, you can also directly access the raw data by clicking the links under the Lists section of the menu.