TeamTime - FAQ - Troubleshooting

Why is there a second version number displayed in red on my Settings page?

The first version number shows your current installed version of TeamTime, whereas the second red version number will display the version of your site (but only when it's different).

Visiting the main page of your site ('My Dashboard') will cause TeamTime to update itself. If the upgrade has been successful, visiting the Settings page afterwards will show only the currently installed version number.

If the red version number is still displayed, please contact us at, including screenshots of the Settings and My Dashboard pages.


Error message: "You cannot use this web part outside of a TeamTime site."

This message is shown when a web part is added to a page outside of a TeamTime site. The web parts included with TeamTime cannot be used independently of TeamTime. However, the Analysis and Filtering web parts are embedded versions of PivotPoint and FilterPoint respectively, and can be purchased separately for use elsewhere.


Error message: "You do not have the required permissions to use this web part."

This message is shown when your user account is not allowed to view or use a web part. For more information on the permission levels required for the different web parts see the Permissions manual page.