TeamTime - Update data

This page is where you import data from the TeamTime sites into this Overview site. There are 3 web parts on the page:

  • The Update web part
  • The Team Site List
  • The Update Log



The Update web part performs the actual retrieval of data:

The web part tells you which sites' data are going to be imported. This is determined by the Team Site List (see below). The From and To fields allow you to choose the date range to retrieve.

NOTE - Only weeks or months that start in this range will be imported. If you choose, for example, the Thursday the 1st October 2015 and Weekly data (or both) then you won't import weekly data for Friday the 2nd, Saturday 3rd or Sunday the 4th as the week start (Monday 28th) is before Oct 1st. Similarly if you set the date of 15th October and you import Monthly data then you won't get anything for October as the month starts before the 15th.

You also have the option to import Week or Month data (or both):

  • Weeks: Clears all weekly data from the overview site, and imports data for all weeks that start in the date range specified.
  • Months: Clears all monthly data from the overview site, and imports data for all months that start in the date range specified.
  • Both: Clears all data from the overview site, and imports data for all months and weeks that start in the date range specified.

Week data is used in the Analysis by Week and Reports pages, whereas the Month data is only used in the Analysis by Month page.

If you Include archives then data that has been archived in the source sites will be included if it falls within the date range. Retrieving archive data is slower than normal data.

The message "Too many records have been requested" will be displayed if you have requested more records than your List View Query Threshold will allow. This can be avoided by requesting less records (narrower date range, less sites, or no archives) or by increasing the farm's query threshold.


Team Site List

The Team Site List displays a list of all known TeamTime sites in the site collection. Initially this will be empty. Click Find to search the site collection for TeamTime sites: The list will be refreshed with the results.

The list displays the following information:

  • Title: The title of the TeamTime site. Change this and click Save to change the site's display name in the Overview site.
  • URL: A link to the site
  • Active: Whether the site's data should be retrieved by the Update web part. Check this to retrieve data, and uncheck it to ignore the site. Click Save to save your changes.
  • Updated: When data was last retrieved from the site.
  • Version: The version of the TeamTime site. If this is different to the Overview site's version, the site will automatically be disabled and the version will display in red. Click the URL of the site to prompt the upgrade process, then return to the Overview site and click Find to refresh the list.
  • Week Start: The shows the starting day of the week used in the site. Retrieving data from sites with different starting days at the same time will cause the Week Analysis and Reporting to be incorrect.

If there is a difference between the custom column mappings on each site, a message will display warning you of this. Importing Monthly data while there is a difference may lead to inconsistent reports.


Update Log

The Update Log shows the data updates requested by users:

  • Requested: The date and time of the request
  • Requested by: The user that made the data update request
  • Status: The status of the request
  • Team sites: The sites that were included in the data request
  • Weeks or Months: The type of data retrieved
  • From/To: The date range of the request
  • Archives: Whether archived data was retrieved
  • Items: The number of items retrieved by the request