TeamTime - Users

The Users list allows administrators to configure settings for individual users if they are different from the default Settings.

NOTE - this is not a list of users who have permission to use the TeamTime site - this is controlled via standard SharePoint permissions and groups.

Here are the fields used in the list:

  • Person: The person the entry is for.
  • Approvers: Who can approve this person's timesheets. Leaving this empty allows any approver to approve them. Adding the person this entry is for to this field will allow them to approve their own timesheets (an alternative to the site-wide Self-approval setting).
  • Notes: Any notes you'd like to make on these settings or the person (e.g. "Works every other Tuesday").
  • Hourly rate: This person's hourly cost, in your local currency.
  • Work days: The days of the week this person works. Unchecked days will not be displayed on the timesheet.
  • Daily working hours: The number of hours this person is expected to work during each working day (decimal, not hours and minutes)
  • Projects: The Projects this person can work on. Leaving this empty will allow them to work on all Projects.
  • Tasks: The Tasks this person can work on. Leaving this empty will allow them to work on all Tasks.
  • Active: Whether this entry's setting should be used. Inactive entries are ignored by TeamTime.

Additionally, active entries with no timesheet for the previous week will display "No timesheet" in the Timesheets to Approve section of the Team Dashboard.