TeamTime Extensibility - Approvals

The Approvals list can be unhidden to show a log of all timesheet approvals and unapprovals. This setting can be found under the Extensibility section of the Settings page.

Once unhidden, the Approvals list can be found by clicking All Site Content link on the quick launch menu on the left of the page (at the top in 2007, and the bottom in 2010, 2013 and 2016).

List Data

Below is a reference of the list's fields.

Name Type Description
Person User The owner of a timesheet entry
Timesheet for DateTime (Date only) The date of the first day of the week the timesheet is for
Hours Number The total number of hours worked
Action Choice Whether this was an 'Approve' or 'UnApprove' action
Actioner User The approver that performed the action
Actioned DateTime The date and time the action was performed


Suggested uses

This list can be used to trigger actions based on a timesheet being approved. It is preferable to use this list for triggering actions rather than the Timesheets list, as there is usually more than one entry (and hence action) added to the Timesheets list per approval.

This list could also be used in combination with a user list to inform managers of users who have not had their timesheets approved. This is useful where users add their hours at the end of the week, or where they approve their own timesheets.