TeamTime Extensibility

If you wish to extend TeamTime by integrating it with in-house or third party solutions, then you'll be pleased to find that in version 1.3 onwards we have provided several lists and settings for just this purpose.

For each type of list there is a setting under the Extensibility section of the Settings page to optionally unhide that list.

If you wish to integrate with these lists programmatically, then it isn't necessary to unhide them. However, it is highly recommended that you only integrate with the lists mentioned below, as doing otherwise would invalidate future support.

The lists provided for external integration are as follows (see related pages for more information):

List Description

Projects and Tasks

The Project and Task lists can be used to bulk import or synchronise data from elsewhere, simplifying the set-up and maintenance of your TeamTime site.


A read-only copy of the main timesheet list, containing only approved timesheet data. This provides access to the raw data within TeamTime


A log of all approvals and unapprovals of timesheets within the site.

Lists can only be viewed by users with Approve permissions. Other users will be automatically redirected to the 'My Dashboard' page.

Further information

This blog post shows an example of exporting the Timesheet list into Excel.