TeamTime - FAQ - When is TeamTime not suitable?

In general we would not recommend TeamTime if :-

  • Your organisation has a large number of users and you can’t easily split those up into separate teams or departments for separate sites – see more
  • You have a very large number of Projects and/or Tasks (above 5,000).
  • You need to record the time that a person stops and starts a task not just the total time spend on a task.
  • You need to integrate with hardware clock in/out systems (card readers/finger print scanners/RFID etc).
  • You record time on a monthly basis and that wouldn’t fit into a weekly basis.
  • You re-bill time and expenses to customers

    You can have a simple hourly rate for each user and report on total cost (hours * rate) per project/task but doesn’t allow you to have different rates for different projects/tasks.

    However, some customers have used the extensibility lists to produce custom reports that assigns different rates to projects/tasks.

  • You have complex rules for approval that the simple “Approved/Unapproved” scheme of TeamTime won’t meet (e.g. 2 step approval).