TeamTime - Uncompleted Timesheets

This report will show 'uncompleted timesheets' - that is timesheets that are  not approved, missing or under the expected number of working hours.

Note - this feature was added in version 3.1, July 2017.


Look X weeks back - how many weeks back the report should look for uncompleted timesheets.

(Note - if you have set a Locked Date, such as after Archiving, then the report will no look further back that weeks starting on or before this date)

Ignore Current Week - if you're running this early in the week then you likely won't want to report on uncompleted timesheets for this week as they will be in the process of being entered.


Unapproved - Timesheets that have not been Approved (which can also include under-hours timeshshets).

Under-Hours - Timesheets that don't have more than the Working Hours booked (which can be approved or un-approved).

The expected number of hour is worked out from

User Settings > Work Days & Daily Working Hours (if the user has an entry in the Users list)

Otherwise Administration Settings > Working Days & Daily Working Hours

(Note - the report will not show any users who are not marked as Active in the Users list)

Missing - Timesheets that are empty.


After clicking on Report the result will be shown.

You can click on a persons name to create a new email to them.

(This works using your default email client if setup - if this doesn't work please speak to your IT Helpdesk re: the default email client for mailto tags in web pages).