Revision History

20th Sept 2023 Correct problem using installer post Sept 23 CU 5.0.3
27th March 2023 Correct problem using installer post Feb 23 CU 5.0.3
21st October 2022 Correct layout problem that can occur when using multiple categories 5.0.2
29th September 2022 Correct layout problem that can occur with Chrome/Edge v100 onwards. 5.0.1
20th July 2022 SharePoint Server Subscription Edition compatible 5.0.0
19th October 2021 Add the ability to use a 2nd Category column in By Category or Gantt styles. 4.1.1
16th December 2020 Correct a problem installing on SharePoint 2016 post July CU. 4.0.2
26th March 2019 Correction to an error that occurred on sites that use unique permissions (i.e. broken permission inheritance) that can stop users with only "Limited Permissions" on some lists configuring the web part. 4.0.1
9th November 2018 SharePoint 2019 Compatible
You will need a new License Key for version 4.x which is free of charge if you have an active Premium Support agreement
Change colour picker to be compatible with later versions of Chrome and Microsoft EDGE that no longer support showModalDialog
9th April 2018 Correction for an XSS (Cross Site Scripting) vulnerability 3.0.1
17-July-2016 SharePoint 2016 Compatible
You will need a new License Key for version 3.x which is free of charge if you have an active Premium Support agreement
29-March-2015 Correct an incompatibility with Google Chrome v43 + which caused the web part to be hidden when editing the toolpane.
Stop duplicate colour mappings being used
27-April-2015 Added a "Weeks and Days of Month" option to the Scale Configuration. 2.8.8
15-January-2015 Added a From Now for X Hours option to the Period Configuration. 2.8.7
29-August-2014 Corrected an error that added empty space to chart when using the By Category view with Show All Categories option and you have milestones dated before chart start date
Corrected error when using field names containing angled brackets in SharePoint 2013 and IE10+
16-May-2014 Correction to an error caused when displaying month name abbreviations with certain regional settings (e.g. Taiwanese)
Correction to an error with full day recurring events when using WSS3.0 SP3 and non-English regional settings
Update to latest version of License Manager and ensure 2013 Health Analyzer doesn't report outdated version.
Correction to an error that occurred when filtering out daily recurring events.
16-Dec-2013 Correction to a problem caused when using the French Language pack tasks list with the Dependants field. 2.8.4
23-Oct-2013 Correction to an error when using a Hyperlink field from a Calendar list as the Category. 2.8.3
26-Feb-2013 Correction to an error using Yes/No fields with colour coding
Allow use of Attendees field when added to content type
28-Jan-2013 SharePoint 2013 Compatible
Uses new Licensing Manager
Uses new installer.
See Upgrading to v2.8+
3-Apr-2012 Ensure cached image paths work with different AAM zones. 2.6.11
18-Jan-2012 Added "Drill down by category" feature
Ensured Week Numbers take account of regional settings and implement ISO8601 week number algorithm.
8-Dec-2011 Added support for Date Range filters from FilterPoint.
Corrected error with By Category when using Recurring Events.
11-Oct-2011 Corrected error that stopped Show All Categories working if control panel used and sorting when using "By Category" style with recurring events. 2.6.8
28-July-2011 Add 15 Minute and 10 Minute scale options 2.6.6
17-August-10 Split multiple values feature.
Word wrap long labels feature
Correction to error using By Category view with lookup lists in 2010
13-July-10 Correct to error using From Today option when site timezone is more than a few hours ahead of server timezone.
27-Apr-10 SharePoint 2010 compatible
Cross-browser compatible
Correction to error that lost "Show All Categories" setting when zooming in via the scale bar.
Correction to an error when applying web part connection filters to a view containing multiple filter items.

Fully localized into German
Correction to an error that occurred if a recurring event starts one day and finishes the next


The Mark Weekends feature will now pick up your non working days and hours from SharePoints Regional Settings (WSS 3.0 / MOSS 2007 only)
The This Week period settings will pick up the start of the week from regional settings


Milestones are now colour coded.
Correction to an error that occurred if a users regional settings (e.g. dd-mm-yyyyy) were different to a sites (e.g. mm-dd-yyyy).


Configuration toolpart translated to French.
New feature to default the web parts Title and Title URL to the source list unless overridden.
Correction to an error that stopped the By Category view grouping correctly if you were using a User lookup field with presence enabled.


New Show All Categories mode with the By Category view
New Horizontal Gridlines option
Enabled zooming in closer than the default period when using this shift/week or month views
Modified caching to take account of item level permissions


Option to set Filter Operations
Click on a scale label to show a particular time period
Correction to error showing views for lists based on Project Task template
Installer compatible with Windows Server 2008
Hyperlinks generated from correct Alternate Access Mapping zone


Option to install to the GAC in order to work with certain 3rd party features
Apply multiple filter values in a AND operation
Improved printing instructions for IE6 browsers

21-Jul-08 Correctly picks up BDC fields in lists
Fixed error when using key with 'classic' view
Fixed error setting colour for recurring events
Fixed error in link for all day recurring events
Ignores invalid lists that don't have a required feature installed
22-Apr-08 Correction to 'unsupported extension' error during installation.
Correction to error validating license keys under restrictive security policies.
9-Mar-08 Set colour according to Approval Status
Enter colours manually using Hex notation
Key is now in the same order as defined in a choice list
Task with the same start and end date is shown as a milestone
02-Jan-08 Added ability to filter using WSSv3 IFilterValues interface and the new MOSS2007 filter web parts
Added ability to filter by lookup columns using ID values
Added 'Gantt, sort same as View' style
26-Nov-07 Added ability to use Document and Form libraries
Corrected error when using a URL that contains apostrophes
17-Oct-07 Added By Month and By Week Views
Corrected error on entering some Corporate License keys
20-Aug-07 Improved Installation routine and corrected error that stopped some lists from Microsoft's Application Templates being picked up. 2.0.5
20-Jul-07 Version 2 is released with new features 2.0.3


Upgrading an existing installation

To upgrade to a later Minor version (e.g. 2.5 to 2.6) without losing any existing settings simply download and install the new trial version and select "Upgrade". All your settings will be saved and transferred to the new version and your existing license key will automatically unlock the full version.

To upgrade a Major version (e.g. v2.4 to v3.0) you can also install the latest version 'over the top' but you will need new License Key - this is free of charge if you have an active Premium Support agreement, otherwise you will need to purchase a new license.