Configuration - Split Multiple Valuess

The Planner Source section of the toolpart has a Split multiple values option if using the By Category view and when the category field supports multiple values.

Split multiple values option

By default Planner combines multiple values assigned to one field. When working with the category view, where more that one value is assigned to a category field, this may not be appropriate.

For example, for project planning in a gantt view, we may want to show a meeting as one item, with all of its attendees listed in the label.

Example without split multiple values

But when working with the same list data in a category view it may be more appropriate to show each category value on a separate line in the planner view, even where they are combined in a list item.

Checking the "Split Multiple Values" box shows each category value on a separate line, which will be more appropriate for resource planning eg group calendars, room bookings, shift organizing etc.

Example with split multiple values