Installation (pre v2.8)

These instructions are only for older versions before v2.8 - please see this page for Installation for version 2.8+

  • Double click the Pentalogic.SharePoint.Planner2.MSI file to start installation

  • Follow the prompts

  • You have a choice to register the Web Part with SharePoint Automatically or Manually


If you are running the install routine on a SharePoint server with a single Web Front End (WFE) then the web part can be registered automatically.

If you are running WSSv2 or SharePoint 2003 then the web part file will be installed in the GAC.

If you are running WSSv3 or SharePoint 2007 then the web part file will be installed in the BIN directory (with resources file installed to the GAC)

(Note - due to limitations in SharePoints deployment facility you must manually deploy the French language resource file Pentalogic.SharePointPlanner2.resources.dll when performing an automatic installation if you wish to use the French language localization)

If you are using a farm with multiple WFE's, require Planner to be able to use 3rd party or internally developed custom field features that are installed into the GAC or have other specialised installation requirements you should chose the manual option.


A CAB and WSP web part file can be found in the Web Part Files directory and these can be installed Manually as detailed here.

  • Removing SharePoint Planner

Firstly delete the web part from any pages you have added it to.

Note - in order to delete a web part you have to be editing the Shared view of a page, selecting 'Close' does not delete a web part.

From the Add or Remove Programs screen find the Pentalogic - SharePoint Planner 2 entry and select Remove

If you installed the Web Part onto SharePoint manually then you will also have to remove it manually.