FAQ - Languages

  • Which languages does SharePoint Planner support?

    SharePoint Planner supports all of the language packs for SharePoint that have been released by Microsoft, including those languages that use a non-Roman alphabet and require Unicode support.

    However the toolpart configuration interface and error messages are currently only available in English, French and German

For Example :-

This shows SharePoint Planner installed on a site using the Hindi language pack, Unicode characters are supported and the Scale labels (dates) are localised :-


When used in a French or English site the toolpart is fully localized.

When used with any other language (Russian in this example) the toolpart is only partly localized with most labels remaining in English.

Note - The French/German localization will be used automatically when Planner (version 2.5.0 or above) is used on a site created using the French/German language packs, otherwise English will be used.


If you are using version 2.8 or above you don't have to do anyting - the appropriate language packs are installed and used automatically

If you are using an older version you have to manually deploy the appropriate language pack :-

Language translations are stored in the resources files Pentalogic.SharePointPlanner2.resources.dll

If you are installing the web part on WSSv2 or to the GAC on or WSSv3 then this file will be deployed automatically.

Unfortunately, due to limitations in SharePoints deployment facility you must manually deploy this file if performing an automatic and/or BIN directory install.

You only need to do this if you intend to use the French or German translations - the web part will continue to work in English if this file is not present.

You can find this file in the Web Part Files folder in the programs installation directory - either

"c:\program files\pentalogic\sharepoint planner\web part files\fr\Pentalogic.SharePointPlanner2.resources.dll"

"c:\program files\pentalogic\sharepoint planner\web part files\de\Pentalogic.SharePointPlanner2.resources.dll"

To manually deploy this file you have two options and this operation must be performed on all front end web servers :-

1) Copy Pentalogic.SharePointPlanner2.resources.dll to the GAC (c:\windows\assembly)

- or -

2) Copy fr or de directory and associated resource file to the bin directory of each virtual server (e.g. c:\inetpub\wwwroot\bin\)

You may have to issue an IISRESET to get the web part to pick up the resources file after deployment.