Configuration - Planner Style


The chart will be displayed as a Gantt chart - with the Category label on the left, the Title inside the bars and the time.

The timelines and milestones are organised so that each has its own row and the later the start date, the further down the chart they appear.

Gantt Charts are commonly used in Project Management.

Gantt, sort same as View

A standard Gantt chart is organised by the tasks Start and End dates - with the tasks that are to be completed first shown at the top of the chart.

If you want to use a custom sort order, perhaps alphabetical, then you can set Planner to use the same sort order that you have setup in an underling View.

You must select this view using the Planner Source option.

By Category

The timelines and milestones are grouped in to Categories. They are organised so as many can fit onto one line as possible.

They are useful for things like scheduling, shift planning and resource booking.

In the example chart  the category could be a shift or job function - the chart shows that for the 3rd week in the series no-one has been assigned to the first shift/job function.

When using the By Category style you have the option to :-

  • Show All Categories - this is useful for something like a Staff Scheduling or Room Booking scenario chart as it will include every member of staff / room  who appears in the list, even if they are not scheduled during the time period being displayed. This makes it easier to spot underutilised staff or rooms.
  • Drill down on Category field - your users can click on the category and see the list, filtered to show only those records.
From version 4.3 onwards you can use up to 2 Categories in the By Category or Gantt styles New!



No Category column is displayed and the timelines and milestones are organised so as many can fit onto one line as possible - very similar in appearance to the standard office "Wall Planner".

Useful for organising things like employee vacations. If you want to be able to see employee vacations by team/department then you may find the By Category chart more useful.