Frequently Asked Questions

  • Which versions of Microsoft SharePoint is SharePoint Planner compatible with?

    SharePoint Server Subscription Edition - (Planner v5.0+).

    SharePoint 2019 - (Planner v4.0+) SharePoint 2019 all editions (SP 2019).

          Note - The Planner web part can only be used on 'Classic' web part and wiki pages.

    SharePoint 2016 - (Planner v3.0+) SharePoint 2016 all editions (SP 2016).

    SharePoint 2013 - (Planner v2.8+) SharePoint 2013 including Foundation, Standard and Enterprise (SP 2013).

    SharePoint 2010 - SharePoint 2010 including Foundation, Standard and Enterprise (SP 2010).

    SharePoint 2007 - Microsoft Windows SharePoint Services v3 (WSS3.0) and Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 (MOSS 2007) - at SP3 of above.

    SharePoint 2003 - (Planner v2.6 or earlier) Microsoft Windows SharePoint Services v2 and Microsoft SharePoint Portal Server 2003 (SPS 2003).

  • How do I use SharePoint Planner?

    SharePoint Planner is delivered as a SharePoint WebPart. Once installed on a SharePoint server you add it to a WebPart page and then configure it to display data from one of your Lists.

  • Does SharePoint Planner have advanced project management features?

    No - SharePoint Planner is not intended to replace project management software for complex projects. It allows you to take existing data that you store in your SharePoint site and display it in several useful ways. You may wish to look into Microsoft Project and Project Server for advanced project management features.

  • Does SharePoint Planner need any client software of ActiveX/Java Applets installed?

    No - it works using standard HTML only, no client software is required.

  • I can not see my List in the Planner Source dropdown list?

    SharePoint Planner needs list items to have both a Start and End date and therefore can only use lists that have at least 2 date columns.

  • How do I display a milestone?

    If your list item doesn't have a End date or the End date/Time is the same as the Start date/time then it will be displayed as a milestone.

  • I can not see my field in the Progress dropdown list?

    A field must be defined as Number and Show as percentage in the Edit Column settings to appear under the Progress drop down list.

    Also, if the field was created using a solution installed into the GAC but without AllowPartiallyTrustedCallers attribute then Planner will not be able to use it.

  • What languages does SharePoint Planner support?

    SharePoint Planner supports all of the language packs for SharePoint that have been released by Microsoft, including those languages that use a non-Roman alphabet and require Unicode support, however the Administration interface and error messages are currently only available in in English

  • How do I licence SharePoint Planner?

    Please see the FAQ here

  • What is your policy for Support and Maintenance?

    Please see the FAQ here

  • I am having trouble installing SharePoint Planner, what can you recommend?

    The most common problem encountered is when attempting to install SharePoint Planner under a user account that doesn't have sufficient privileges for the Installation routine to run. If you require further help please contact

  • How do I upgrade SharePoint Planner?

    Simply install the latest version 'over the top' of the existing version to update. All your settings will be saved.

    If you are performing a 'Major' upgrade (e.g. v2.x to v3.x) then you will need a new Licnese Key. This is free of charge if you have an active Premium Support and Maintenance subscription otherwise you will have to purchase a new licnese. Support and Maintenance FAQ for more details.