Installation (v2.8+)

These instructions are only for new versions (v2.8+) - please see this page for Installation for pre version 2.8

If you are upgrading please see - Upgrading to v2.8+ Upgrade to version 2.8+

If you're using SharePoint 2013 in '14 mode' (where it continues to look like 2010) contact us for more information on how to install in this situation.

  • Run the installer from any Web Front End (WFE) server whilst logged on with a user account that has SharePoint Administration permissions
  • You only need to install Planner at this stage, but if you later want to purchase a license you will also need to install the License Manager - so you may wish to install both at the same time.

  • Follow the prompts
  • The automatic installer will verify some prerequisites (such as the SharePoint administration service is running) and if everything is ok will Install and Deploy the web part to all Web Front End servers in your farm.

    If any errors are shown (such as the Admininistration Service is not started) you can correct that then click Previous and Next to recheck.

  • Upgrade or removal
  • If Planner is already installed it will give you the option to repair or remove.

    If the version already installed is an older version it will give you the option to upgrade or remove